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On the Brink

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We’re now on the brink of the Networked Society. A new era of mobility - where technology enables us to interact, innovate and share knowledge in whole new ways.

This highly engaging and interactive digital book invites you to explore the rich interactive graphics, animations, interviews and relevant documentary footage. Browse its three chapters and learn about creating relevant business in the Networked Society.

The three chapters comprise of the following:

An Individual Perspective
This chapter describes numerous examples of the types of things that can benefit from being connected. It is however the way we interact with our connected things that can create a new social web of interaction that is both simple and intuitive.

A Societal Perspective
This chapter looks at the societal impact the area of Information Communication Technology (ICT) can play on the triple bottom line of rapidly expanding cities. The trend towards urbanization is upon us, learn from world-renowned scientist, Hans Rosling, on how it will play out and how broadband penetration can positively affect GDP growth

The Opportunity Perspective
The Networked Society will require us to rethink how we do business. In this chapter we provide a snapshot of six innovative business opportunity logics that can unlock opportunities for ICT providers to engage their customers.

This digital book is free to all. So jump in, explore, learn and join the conversation today.