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Driving contest for iPad It is a timer only for the LONG Driving contest game.
It counts down by a countdown timer, making "tick tack" and sound.
The characteristic feeling of tension of the LONG Driving contest game can be enjoyed by the big screen of iPad.
- it became possible to operate two sets with the mutual remote control not only by a mere timer but by BlueTooth connection.
Of course, all the functions of reset function standard time setting and color scheme change can operate a start and a stop with the remote control.
* How to make BlueTooth connection and to perform a remote control function,
Two iPad(s) are needed after iPodTouch4th after Driving contest carries 5.0 or more iOS(s) 4.
Moreover, iPhone etc. are turned, there is compatibility in LDGTimer and LDGTimerHD only for iPad, and it can operate iPad by using iPhone as a remote control.
It can be used also as various timers for events.
It is the optimal, not only this LONG Driving contest game but when it has presence in the practice which was conscious of the game and performs mental training.
- Two iPhones are used and game form can be trained easily in a training place etc.
- standard time setting -- 0 minute and 01 seconds - it can set up by one second bit till 9 minutes and 59 seconds.
- A display color is yellow and the white mode in which a black letter and the dazzling situation of a venue also have a character visible to a default white ground clearly, and black figures have the same color scheme as the timer of a certain game convention.
- [ 1 minute and 30 seconds ] ago, guidance enters with a Japanese sound.
- Count sound changes from 10 seconds before to an electronic sound.
- The alarm for about 4 seconds sounds at the time of an end.
- It can be used also for an actual game.
- please enjoy the LONG Driving contest game simply and conveniently by this timer!