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docspread – The sales tool you love to work with

docspread for iPad allows you and your team fast, easy and secure access to up to date sales and marketing information any time any place.

Increase sales efficiency with centrally managed content and shorter search times at the highest level of data security.

All sales relevant content such as brochures, product information, price lists and videos are being centrally created by the marketing department, uploaded into the docspread Cloud and constantly maintained up-to-date. The full collection of available content is constantly updated on the iPad, so that sales persons, even without internet connection on customer site, have everything at hand to respond to the most unexpected and spontaneous customer questions.

The docspread service consists of three components:
- The content management application docspread Manager (runs on MS Windows platform only)
-The docspread iPad app for visual content presentation
-The docspread Cloud that takes care of transferring your documents safely and reliably to your iPads

Before you can use the docspread service, please download the free docspread Manager at our product web site, install it on your PC and setup an account by clicking the Register button.

docspread's unique features are:

Content navigation, as easy as pie
Quite on purpose docspread avoids using the customary, hierarchical folder structures. Whenever a document gets stored in the cloud it is designated with a category and sub-category (for example: industry, product, document type, language or else). These are then being used as filters on the iPad. In order to find a document there is no need to remember folder structures. It’s enough to click, in whatever sequence, on any of the available filters. The few remaining documents are shown in preview form and can be easily browsed through.

Data Security
docspread goes beyond industry standard user authentication, and protects all content through permanent end-to-end encryption, not only in the cloud, but also during internet data transfer as well as on the iPad.

Content Management
The docspread Manager is an intuitive, self-explanatory software tool providing you with all the needed assistance in the step by step creation of your own marketing app. Adding, modifying or deleting content is child’s play. Supported document types:
- Video (iPad compatible, e.g. MP4, MOV)
- MS Office 2010 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Content Synchronization
In most file sharing solutions, the user has to actively force the download of a particular file in the cloud; otherwise it is not automatically updated onto the iPad. docspread in contrast automatically keeps the entire portfolio always locally up-to-date and provides an intuitive overview of new, modified or deleted documents, to which further information can be added.

ECM Integration
If the documents you wish to transfer onto your iPads reside in an Enterprise Management System such as Documentum, Alfresco or Microsoft SharePoint – no problem. Our docspread Sync Module manages this integration with ease. All documents affected, including their metadata, are thus retrieved and copied to their destined iPads.