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Successful breastfeeding

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You have in your hands an overview of the application " Successful Breastfeeding" which gives you an idea of the content. Once you've downloaded the entire application "Successful Breastfeeding" and paid the fee, you will have the access to all the information. This application is the work of a multidisciplinary team coordinated by
Dr. Kamel Bargaoui, pediatrician and midwife Isabelle Cozette.

You will have all the information about the successful breastfeeding from the basic elements of anatomy , function and practice of the breastfeeding to simple rules in response to little problems you might encounter.

You have a question, you encounter a problem? Don’t wait until the next consultation with the pediatrician, with the midwife or the obstetrician to find the answer or resolve the problem. The simple look at "Successful Breastfeeding" application will bring the solution.

All breastfeeding stages are illustrated by the large number of photos, 3D animations and videos.

The following chapters and the whole content are available in the paid version:

• Understanding Breastfeeding: the benefits of breastfeeding; The
anatomy of the breast ; The mechanisms of milk production ; The neuro-hormonal reflex ; Dynamics of the milk flow ; Lactation and the composition of breast milk: colostrums, the transitional milk, mature milk, the composition of breast milk at each feeding ; Latching technique ; Confusion breast / nipple.

• Breast-feeding practice: The start of breastfeeding; Breastfeeding positions (golden rules, sitting positions, horizontal positions, positions for twins...); Duration and frequency of feedings; Stools; Additional markers: the signs of hunger; Does the baby drink properly? The nutritive sucking...

• Successful Breastfeeding: Breast preparation; Nursing bra; Breastfeeding accessories (pads, nipples, shells); Milk pumping technique; Breast pump; Mother's milk conservation.

• Breastfeeding difficulties: Breast pain, cracks, congestion, lymphangitis; Candidiasis (thrush); Clogged milk duct; Short or « inverted » nipples.

• Well-being: Stress and fatigue; Appropriate diet; Breastfeeding and medication; Breastfeeding and tobacco; Contraception.

• Weaning: The duration of breastfeeding; How to wean?; Stages of weaning ; Back to work .

The application "Successful Breastfeeding" also offers:

• Golden rules for successful breastfeeding.

• Q&A: to answer any questions you may have and things you need to know about how to breastfeed successfully your baby.

Golden Hibiscus Publishing conceived this application with scientists and health professionals for mother and child.
Regular updates will allow you to get the latest recommendations.

Golden Hibiscus Publishing Team