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主要功能: 1、求职者进行历史搜索和高级搜索企业职位信息。 2、将喜欢的职位收藏。 3、求职者申请职位。 4、浏览咨讯。 5、推荐人才。 The main functions: 1. Job seekers can repeat search as well as create new search for positions conveniently. 2. Bookmark favor positions. 3. Apply for a position. 4. Browse information. 5. Recommend others to right positions. 描述: 本系统建立之主要目的是方便工薪人群的求职者能够用手机进行职位的查看及申请。公司人事经理人可借本系统的PC管理应用平台发布招聘信息、职位要求、面谈通知等。本系- 统最大的特色在于简化的申请人信息采集工作,申请人回答与职位相关的问题,提供招聘公司参考,作为面谈的基础参考。申请人申请多个职位时不需重复回答问题,让申请人可- 海量申请,增加曝光率。 Description: The main purpose of this application is provide convenience to job seekers to be able to use mobile phone and tablet on job seeking. Company's HR managers can publish recruitment information, position requirements, interview notice, etc. via this application. The main feature enables job seekers to rapidly and massively find and apply positions. By answering position related questions by job seekers, company HR managers can use them as the basis for interview. Job seekers can apply for the multiple positions without answer questions repeatedly. This procedure increases job seekers' exposure to HR managers dramatically. 公司简介: 爱浦京软件技术有限公司(APJ)由日本精工爱普生(EPSON)和北京中京工程设计软件技术有限公司(ZESTC)共同创办,公司于2002年10月在珠海- 正式成立,主要承接香港、内地、日本及亚太地区的大型企业的软件外包相关业务,同时也进行具有自主知识产权商业方案软件的开发。 APJ成立以来,专门从事应用类软件的开发工作,贯彻执行日本精工爱普生的优质质量管理体系和外资管理方式,推崇「客户至上,品质取胜,努力创新,不断提供增- 值服务」的业务理念,先后与国内外多个地区大型企业的建立合作关系,建立了一队质优的开发团队。目前APJ业务包括软件开发、设计、测试、维护和实施,为国内外大中型- 企业提供专业化的软件外包服务,成为各客户最值得信赖的合作伙伴。 Company profile: Ai Pu Jing Software Technology Company Limited (APJ) was founded by Seiko Epson Corporation Japan & Zhongjing Software Technology Corporation Beijing in 2002. Since then, APJ has undertaken the offshore software development works for many major international corporations in Asia. With a main focus on outsourcing business, APJ strives to provide added-value, quality deliverables and professional services second to none. As a joint venture company, APJ attracts talents and professionals from Hong Kong, Japan and China. All the senior software engineers of APJ are well experienced and form a stable backbone. Through the strategic alliance with our Japanese partner, APJ has been managed and run by management executives from Hong Kong and Japan. The close tie between the two partners has ensured that APJ is managed and operated at the highest quality standard. Since its establishment, APJ has become the most reliable and trustable business partner of our customers.