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Pogo Pig Savings

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Imagine being able to set your 2-4 year old child up for future financial and personal success right now. Imagine knowing that simple steps you took today could greatly improve their chances to be financially fit and successful later in life... congratulations, because this app will help you do just that. "Pogo Pig Savings" is geared towards 2-4 years old and explores one of the fundamental success learning blocks for kids - the concept of saving.

By learning to save money in order to get what they want through a fun and interactive game, kids learn the concept of self-control from a young age. A long-term study lead by Duke University Psychologists
found that children who scored higher on measures of self-control as young as age 3 were more likely to be successful by the time they reached age 32.

"My son Aiden loves playing this app. We've actually got him a real piggy bank now and he puts money into it and then brings it to me when we wants something. I don't think he understands the importance of what he's doing right now but my husband and I certainly do." - Manuela (Mom)

"This is an app you will feel good about giving your kids. It teaches important life lessons in a fun, simple way." - Susan (Mom)

One of the fundamental things missing in the school system today is financial education. Pogo Pig Savings is a great tool to help parents teach their kids valuable skills that schools currently are not. Thank you for being an active part in your child's success.