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Welcome to TGotchie!

This is a new kind of gamification. The intention is to track all your movements on the earth and collect distances of your travel and locations you have visited.

It is completely connected to the GameCenter, so you can challenge your friends and all gamers around the world and see who has travelled most kilometers and visited places.

Anytime you arrive at some new location, just catch the location. Your travel distance will be collected. There are thousands of special locations on the earth you can visit and earn extra points. The more locations you visit, the more scores you will gain. There is an overview of all special locations where you can see what you checked already and where you still need to go.

Achievements are available if you reach kilometer levels and collect special groups of locations.

Another cool feature is this:
Your TGotchie is able to take other players on board and travel around. You have two additional seats for guests. You can pick another TGotchie by just being close to the other device. Just connect and transfer the other player to your device and take him/her with you on your journey. He will pick the locations you pick and collect additional distance. After you return, the guest can be put back on his/her own iPhone.
Taking a guest with you will add 50% to the collected distance for you while the guest only collects 50%. If you take a second guest, you get 100% extra.
But take care, you get the extra only if you really take the friend back to his original iPhone. After transferring back you get the bonus.
During being on board of another iPhone your collecting is stopped, so you need to wait for your TGotchie getting back to you. If you do not want to wait, you can also call it back and cancel the journey. All extra collected kilometers and location of course will be lost for you and the bonus is lost for the other driver.

So get started, collect your distance and visit as many of locations you can reach.

visit the homepage for a video and more information