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List Selector

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Education
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List Selector is a useful, versatile way to work with lists! Perfect for the classroom, this app allows you to:

- Pair Lists -
Assign people to project ideas, pair countries for a model U.N. debate, or just make sure everyone from one class is in a group with someone from another.

- Pick Groups -
Choose one list or multiple, then generate groups of any size. As you choose how many groups you want made, the app dynamically calculates how many people will be in each group.

- Pick Individually -
Randomly choose a person, generate a group of three countries to study for the year, or generate the entirety of one or several lists and then hit "Randomize" on the results screen to randomly order your list(s).

- Edit Lists -
View and edit your lists from within the app. Add and remove items from any list; create, rename, and delete lists; and quickly browse list names and sizes, all from one convenient area.

- Load from iTunes -
If you don't feel like entering each list individually, you can load lists into the app through iTunes. Just make a .txt file, either with Notepad or TextEdit, or with Word using the "Save As..." option. Then, drag and drop into List Selector's files area in iTunes when your device is connected.