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Decision version of the app storage support is here!
Possible questions as "selection problem", the "book data memorization" I registered on their own. By solving the "selection problem" Again, I will measure the consolidation of memory. That at the touch of a button, more than 100 have been posted to the Web-sharing site, "Data Book memorization", incorporated into the iPhone it is possible.

- The subject of this application
students who aims to test national examination and qualifications, who want to fix the memory language learners, effectively

- This app features
Create your own learning content
You can register as a "book database memorize" for free, what you want to remember. Since the choice of the registered content yourself, you can learn the only indispensable. If you register a minor in knowledge that are not addressed in a commercial application, you can learn repeatedly.

Create a database easy
Can be registered in the "Book database memorize" the csv file that you created in the computer spreadsheet (Excel, etc. Numbers) (text file of comma-cut). It is registered in the database automatically using iTunes file sharing function, the file sent to the iPhone screen, create a database, and then select the file name.
Txt file that you created as well (such as Notepad or TextEdit) text editor that comes, can subscribe to "memorize book database" on your PC.
You can also create standalone iPhone's "Book database memorization."

Book memorization database shared
You can be shared between users, the "Book database memorization" was made for you. More than 100 have been published in the Web site, ready-to-use "book database memorization" (as of 2012/8). Come work please share your confidence.

How questions are customizable free
The questions the "selection problem" automatically from the "Book database memorization." (1-32), second (32 ー none) time limit (in random order questions) Random mode, the way questions are determined by their reverse mode (replace the word meaning ⇄) the number of alternatives. Please find the questions that were in their own mode.

History function
Leave in history (correct or incorrect) results of the study. You can choose only a matter of incorrect, review later.

Write capability
Leave notes (simple and important) to the problems you've learned. Reference to a note, you can review effectively.

Search function
You can search the database keyword memorization book.

Mail function
You can send in your own addy learning history of each, and record.

Help function
So as not to get lost in getting started, I have included a guide to various places. Accustomed to use, you can also turn off the guide.