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AutoDefender Seattle

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AutoDefender Seattle lets you know how likely you are to have an unwanted surprise visit to your car by meter maids or car thieves in Seattle. Not more guessing, no more relying on luck. AutoDefender uses high technology to deflect threats to your vehicles. All you have to do is tell AutoDefender how long you are planning on parking in your spot and our neural networks go to work using your position, historical parking ticket data, current weather patterns, social media, and much more to immediately return you some quickly actionable information, i.e., should you park where you are, should you feed the meter, should you rush back to your car if the date is going well....

AutoDefender also has a timer function so you can be reminded of when your parking time is up. There are 5 different alarm horns that might sound, and the more annoying the horn, the more likely you are to have trouble, so the quicker you might want to get back to your vehicle.

If you are outside of the currently supported cities, you will still get the benefit of AutoDefender’s neural networks, but they based on a “general” US-wide parking threat trend, not the specific city.

AutoDefender Seattle specializes in the behavior of those that threaten your vehicle in Seattle.

AutoDefender does not guarantee you will not get a ticket or have your car stolen. Obviously blocking the car of an off-duty police officer or leaving a Rolex on your seat puts your potential threat into a whole new category of risk. AutoDefender does it’s best and will help your risk/reward decisions when parking, but remember, in the end, all responsibility is yours.

AutoDefender is the only real auto defender on the market.