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iPad / iPhone
  • Release Date:Sep 13, 2012
  • Size:23.97 Mb
  • Productivity
  • Photo & Video
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Simply Picture Frames Creator - Stitch & Collage Pic/Photo Free

Combine mutiple photos into ONE FRAMED & CAPTIONED photos.
Then instantly share them into Instagram.

It allows you to arrange your photos with various creative layouts and frames.
It enables you to add captions to the photos.
It also lets you decorate your photos with various filter effects.

It gives the photos a new and amazing look.
It brings you a cooler way to express yourself.

Key Features:
+Display photos with various cool layouts and frames
+Add colorful texts to enhance them
+Decorate photos with different filter effects
+Instantly share them via Instagram.

Staff reviews:

Created for the iPhone and iPad, this app is a wonderful new way to display and decorate the pictures you take, so you may present them in such a way that expresses your thoughts and feelings associated with those pictures.

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iPad / iPhone
iPad / iPhone
iPad / iPhone
iPad / iPhone