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To try a demo of AMIX use amixdemo for the company code and log in with username: amixdemo and password: amix1

Astute Mobile Information Exchange (AMIX) is a framework, which enables the deployment of a mobile strategy for businesses by allowing various existing systems within the organisation to open their information to mobile devices. This is achieved by seamlessly moving data structures between the various systems through the AMIX framework.
The framework enables an organisation to deploy AMIX and take advantage of current and future mobile technologies through the simple additional development of the Digital Clipboard, the user interface on the mobile device, if required.
AMIX provides Visual Knowledge about your business to facilitate informed decision-making. We do this by efficiently collecting, securely storing and intelligently analysing the data. The information is then presented as visual knowledge in various formats. All this assists in creating transparency of data across all tiers in the company and helps with company goal alignment (staying in touch with your KPI’s).
We have developed various tools including the AMIX Digital Clipboard that functions on mobile devices for the collection of the data. Powering the digital clipboard is our Dynamic Forms Tool that we use to create any type data collection template using Text Boxes, Drop Downs, Radio buttons, Check Boxes, Date and Time Fields, Signature Capture and Image Capture.
AMIX can also provide the sales force with a fine tuned tool, which will aid and track their daily objectives creating a more efficient sales force.

Enterprise Solutions

We have managed to create a Mobile Architecture and Framework that can be used to apply a mobile strategy to almost any part of the enterprise.
From HR to the Mobile Sales Force, from CRM to Field Technicians.
We have several levels of cloud based BI solutions built into our product to meet any level of reporting complexity.
The following are examples of where our solution could be adopted and deployed in an enterprise.

•HR Forms - Leave applications
•Staff Evaluations
•Staff Questionnaires
•Training and Assessments

Mobile Sales Force
•Route and Call management

•Stock levels
•Forward Share Analysis

Field Technicians
•Job Cards
•Call times

Asset Tracking
Mobile Project Management
Incident Management


AMIX provides consistency of data across all tiers and transparency across the organisation which ensures company goal alignment and visible KPI management.
•Informed Decision Making
•Increased Turnover
•Cost Saving
•Real Time Feedback
•Centralised Data

Astute Software SA (Pty) Ltd
Astute is a software company based in Centurion, South Africa. Our focus is on developing enterprise mobile business solutions.
Astute has developed a range of enterprise mobile software applications built to offer flexible business solutions for organisations who need greater control over their mobile workforce from sales reps to field technicians.