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XactRate Business Management Systems help you take control of your business.

1. Service Schedule Management:

Scheduled service maintenance calls months in advance using cloud technology
All tickets paid and synced on service completion

2. Client Relationship Management:

Easy storage and retrieval of customer data on PC, tablet and mobile phone
Easy to track work flow

3. Inventory Management:

Service truck inventory tracked and replenished by service tech
Automatic reorder of stock

4. Automatic Labor Pricing:

Productive labor hours tracked per technician for bonus pay
Automatically adjust company break-even hourly rate every month

5. GPS Service Call Tracking:

All service calls GPS tracked for service tech convenience
Travel time feature on the tablet to automatically track trip and diagnosis time

6. Updated Catalogs:

Catalogs of equipment, parts and supplies setup in Company Admin page
All catalogs kept current and up to date

7 Simplified Heat Load Calculation:

Simplified residential and light commercial heat load calculation with results in

Exact heat load BTU results to properly size your heating/cooling equipment

8. Easy Access even in areas with no internet:

Runs in the cloud allowing you to access all your data from anywhere and on any

Internet connection not required in the field. Simply sync your data before you
the form of pie charts in reports device head out and when you get back

9. Manual J-compliant Flat Rate Pricing:

Flat rate pricing with Manual J compliance
Upfront fair pricing to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business