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Helps a colorblind person 'see' color by touching any point in a picture. You can identify the actual color of objects by taking a photo of the object and touching points in the picture, the app will display the color text of the point you touched. It can identify 138 shades of color. You can load a picture from the camera roll for the same purpose.

At the touch of a button, the App can show you the RGB and CMYK codes of the color identified. This information is useful for people using graphics software like Photoshop or other softwares.

There are two special buttons in the App: the R, G buttons. When each one of these is held down, the App greys out regions in the picture that are not RED, not GREEN respectively. This helps a colorblind person identify these regions might be off the same color to him.

You will find this App a real help if you have difficulty identifying Red, Green.

The App also has three buttons to simulate what is seen by a person with Protanopia (no red), Deuteranopia (no green) and Tritanopia (no blue). The 3 buttons are marked P, D and T respectively. You can use these functions to check if your graphs, slides or visual images might present difficulties for a person with color deficiency.