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Big Box Sounds Pro HD

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BIG BOX SOUNDS gives you OVER 120 high quality sound effects. This is the good app for you to make a good laugh with friends as well as annoying people.

The BIG BOX SOUNDS provides the BEST SOUND EFFECTS as follow:

Ahhh!, Airplane, Alarm Clock, Alarm Clock 2, Alchery, Alien Breath, Angry Cat, Baby Cry, Balloon Blast, Beep, Bicycle Bell, Bird, Boat Horn, Bomb, Boo, Bottle Cap, Bottle Smash, Bouncing SFX, Buzzer Car Horn, Car Horn 2, Cat Meow, Chainsaw, Cheer, Church Bell, Clock Ticking, Cough, Countdown Timer, Cow, Crash, Cricket, Cymbals, Desk Bell, Dish Smash, Dog, Door Bell 1, Door Bell 2, Door Bell 3, Door Buzzer, Drum, Duck Electric Shock, Elephant, Explosion, Fart, Fire, Fireworks, Frog, Gimme a break!, Gimme a kiss!, Gimme Gimme!, Gong-do Happy Birthday, Heart Monitor, Ho ho ho - Santa, Horse, I am a Robot., Ka ching, Laser Gun Shot, Laser Sword, Machine Gun, Machine Gun 2, Magic Wand, Monkey, NO, Oceanwave, OH NO, OH NO - Female version, OH YEAH Pendulum Clock, Phone Ring, Phone Tone, Pig, Police Siren, Puppy bark Rain, Ray Gun, Retro SFX, Robot says Alert!, Robot says Execute!, Rocket, Rooster, Rude Laugh, School Bell, School Bell 2, Scissors, Scream, Shot Gun Cock, Shut Up!, Shut Up! - Female version, Slot Machine Jackpot, Sniper, Snore, Springy Jump, Super Scream, Sword, Synth Hit Tape Rewind, Thunder, Timer, Train Bell, Train Pass, Train Whistles, T-Rex, Trumpet, Tuning Radio, TV Noise, Typewriter UFO, Warning Alarm, Water Splash, Whip, Whistle, Whistle Slow version, Whistle Up, Wind Chime, Window Smash, Witch, Wolf, Woo Hoo!, YEAH!, Zipper

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