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Montell, a speaking communications application, is a customizable and innovative Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) solution for the iPad to help those who cannot speak but can use the iPad. Unlike many ACC programs which rely only on a static symbol based system, Montell not only provides preexisting symbols for common items but also an easy user based customizable symbol creation system where personalized photos can quickly be transformed into symbols which speak.

Montell is easily customizable.

Montell is designed to work around your life, not have your life work around it. A stick figure of a woman is not “mommy” any more than a drawing of a dog is your dog. In Montell a photo of a user’s family members, pets or anything can be easily turned into a speaking symbol in seconds. A custom symbol can speak what you want it to say, not what someone else wants it to say. Create a photo based speaking symbol for each of your teachers, dogs or doctors and use their real names, not just the word teacher, dog or doctor. Create symbols based on your life. If you want a symbol which is a photo of your grandmother which speaks, “Grams is great and I want to go see her”, you can easily do this in Montell. If you want a symbol which is a photo of your wife’s Hungarian Goulash that says “Please no more goulash, I want pizza” you can do that too. Try that on other AACs and see how far you get.

Educators and Professionals love the low price and flexibility that Montell provides them with its easy customization and use for their clients who can use the iPad. Montell is currently only available in English.