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This app is an ideal camera application for telephoto camera applications. It allows enjoyment of telephoto imaging when taking photographs with KOWA binoculars, telephoto lenses, or universal interchangeable lenses mounted on your iPhone, and also when using the iPhone by itself.
- Detailed Focusing and Exposure Settings
By moving the positions of the AF Mark and AE Mark to the desired locations on the screen, the focusing and exposure can be separately controlled. In addition to the normal Auto mode, it will be possible to lock the focusing and exposure at their current values. Further, when set to the Touch mode, the screen can be tapped to implement the AF and AE operations one time and lock the values after implementation.
- White Balance
By changing from the Auto mode to Lock, the current white balance condition can be maintained.
- Electronic Zoom Range Setting
This allows setting of the range of the electronic zoom. By adjusting the Minimum Zoom Ratio, it will be possible to prevent the occurrence of vignetting, the darkening at the periphery of images which occurs when binoculars or telephoto lenses are connected to an iPhone.
- Image Flip
When connecting an interchangeable lens from a universal camera to the iPhone without correction, the image will be inversed. By using Image Flip, it will be possible to capture corrected images.
- Various Shooting Modes
In addition to normal Photo shooting, it is possible to carry out Movie, Sequential Photo, and Timer shooting. By using the Movie or Sequential Photos function, optimum shooting opportunities will not be missed even when photographing objects where it is difficult to judge the timing for pressing the shutter. Further, if the Timer shooting function is used (which enables setting of a delay time), it will be possible to prevent camera shake caused by the shutter operation.
- Image Size and Image Quality Settings
In each of the Shooting modes, the Image Size and Image Quality can be set individually.
- Trimming
It will be possible to trim captured images by cutting off the outside areas of the image and only saving the central area. The effective range of the image can be set by selecting an optional focal length.
- Detailed EXIF Settings
The equipment used to capture the images can be set by selecting from among KOWA’s scopes, eyepieces, and binoculars. The recording of the GPS information that indicates the shooting location can be switched On and Off. By setting this to Off, it will be possible to maintain the secrecy of the shooting location.
- AF Zoom Function
By double tapping on the screen, a zoom display of the AF Mark area will be shown, which can be used to confirm that the focusing has been correctly set.
■ Recommended Models:
iPhone4/iPhone4S/iPhone5 iOS 5 and 6