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Beep test and multiple stopwatch in one app, with integration to Facebook and your address book.

This app is capable of: (a) Timing multiple team members with a stopWatch and (b) Conducting a "beep test" for a multiple number of team members. Results from a test can be send to Facebook, or as csv files via mail.

In more detail CoachAppOne is divided into three main functional areas.

1) Choose:
Select participants from your iPads contacts, from CoachAppOne's inside app contacts or grant access to your Facebook Groups and Events. To administer the contact-group list, tap "info" button at the top leftmost side of the screen. Switch on the address groups you wish to use.

2) Test:
At the top line: select either Stopwatch or Beep test. Start the clock, and time the participants as they arrive, or when they drop out of the Beep test. Simply by tapping their name in the Participants List.

3) Publish:
Publish the result via E-mail or directly to the Facebook groups and events that you administer.

For more information on this app, please visit the developers homepage. Here you will be presented with an in-depth description.