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Show Me… Social

iPhone / iPad
  • Education
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The pictures in this app are scenes from the life of a set of characters. We see them eating, playing, sleeping, and studying around their house, school, and town. Each scene has a main idea that is usually fairly obvious and often it has several sub-themes that you can explore with the child.

The “Show Me” prompt will ask for the main idea. A typical prompt would be “Show Me… Do you want to play another game?” or “Show Me… Say that again, please.” After the child identifies the picture that best matches the prompt, discuss appropriate and inappropriate responses to the social situation in the pictures.

Clues to the correct answer would be a glass of juice or a bandage on a knee. Some prompts are more difficult. “Show Me… It’s warm outside.” doesn't have a “warm” object in the picture but the children in the picture are wearing shorts and eating popsicles. You can help the child draw inferences from the scene to determine which picture is the best match for the prompt. Occasionally there will be a prompt that could apply to either picture. For example, “Ty has a sister named Serena.” is associated with a picture of Ty and Serena and their family. But another picture is labelled “Serena has a brother named Ty.” and shows them picking flowers together. If they should happen to come up on the same screen, both of them are the correct answer to the “Show Me…” prompt but only one is the target. When this happens, you can explore the concept that in games, just like in life, sometimes there is no right or wrong answer. This would be a good opportunity to understand why it is sometimes important to ask questions for more information or be flexible to know that sometimes both answers are correct.

This app is uses the content from the Word Practice game from LocuTour’s Artic Games & More CD. There are 53 pictures in three categories: Expressions, Verbs, and Other. There are four apps in the series: Show Me… People, Places, and Things; Show Me… Actions; and Show Me… Animals, Food, and More; and Show Me… Social.