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Follow me is the music game designed for both musicians and people wanting to have fun. The goal is very simple: there are 8 buttons, each color and a distinctive sound that represent each of the eight musical notes of the standard C Major scale. At each level, a random sequence of sounds in screen appears and you must repeat it.
Initially it will be very simple, it lights and sound a sound, but as levels advance user, you will be adding one more note to the string sounds. To what level will be able to get? As levels progress, you will gain more points. Get a high score and overcome it. Who will be able to get the highest score? He adds full integration with Game Center. Post your high scores and become the person with the best rote and hearing ability in the world.

Besides being an entertaining game, can exercise your memory and train. With a few minutes daily and continuous training can improve your memory skills. If you usually forget where you left your car keys or what day is the birthday of your partner, this simple game help you so you do not atrophy the body's most important muscle: your brain!

Also, for those musicians started, sounds created from a real body and can help train absolute pitch of users. With a little training with this game and you'll be surprised recognizing chords and notes of a song. Finally, you can improve your ability to recognize the chords you play on the radio and play them with your favorite instrument.

You want the Pro version?
From the app itself, you can buy the pro version of it for a minimal price and adding new functionality to the game: the repeat button, just in case your memory fails or does not remember well as the melody was created for you. Go ahead and grab it to achieve the highest score in Game Center!

Coming in the pro version you can enjoy:
- New musical tones. Now you master the key of C Major, but there are 24 different musical tones (12 major and 12 minor). You will be able to recognize sounds in different shades while you follow the sequence on screen? You multiply the hours playing with this update.
- New sounds. In the pro version, you can choose between an organ, piano, guitar, and many more.