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Jotto ABC - Follow the pencil

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Jotto ABC is the ideal drawing app to teach young children to write letters and numbers in a fun and easy way. Kids learn how to write the letters ‘A’ to ‘Z’ (upper-case and lower-case) and the numbers 0 to 9 by following the movements of an animated pencil we call “Jotto”.
They are not just drawing over a static image – they are practicing correct writing patterns and order by tracing the movements of their cartoon friend. Uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers can be worked on in separate lessons. Very soon the kids are able to leave Jotto behind and write the letters and numbers on their own.

The app is modeled as a drawing board for children and is as easy to use. The user interface of Jotto ABC is specifically designed to be kid friendly. There are only a few very obvious buttons and graphics which are completely self explanatory to a toddler, and no confusing buttons and pop-up windows with text or instructions.

The app contains an additional “freehand” mode, where the children can easily draw on the drawing board with their finger or a stylus, selecting characters and numbers and placing them as a stamp anywhere on the page. It’s a great way for kids to build their first words and names.

If you want to see Jotto ABC in action, you can find a short video at

(One more thing: We worked hard to develop and test this application. However, every app contains a few unforeseen bugs. If you encounter any problem whatsoever with our products, please send us a note directly at, and we’ll fix it right away. We would love to have the opportunity to resolve any problems quickly so we can achieve the reviews we think these products deserve in the App Store!)