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Race Track - Real Racing, Race Ace,Draw Racing, Grid Racing

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Racing
  • Strategy
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It is a “unprecedented racing game without sense of speed”, but it’s recreational and fun. As a racing fan, don’t miss it!

“it was a relatively rare creative racing game”-Media review

It is not enough to possess strength and speed only in car racing. Strategy and racing route are also very important. Race Ace is such a kind of strategic car racing game. When to speed up? When to slow down? How to make a nice turn? Which one is better, drifting or curve-cutting? All these have no answers. Perhaps, only occupying the curves counts.

Game rules:
The car can only change its speed by one unit of grid in each move. The one who first finishes the line is the winner.

The operation is quite simple:
Just choose the location you like.

The characteristics of the game:

- There are 56 tracks: 16 are the basic curves, including the simple curves in the forms of right angles, acute angles, U-shapes and so on. The new hand can master these quickly. Besides, there are 24 F1 tracks. You must have played F1 car racing for many times. Have you ever played the F1 Grid Racing? There are 16 creative tracks: beauties, cars, dark passages, bright tracks, departed tracks, etc. You can enjoy an awful experience on these tracks.

- You can define the starting and finishing location, which enables you to enjoy yourself on the new tracks in each level.

-Set roadblocks at random. Therefore, you can have fun in the changeable and varied levels without feeling monotonous.

- Make up maps by yourself: are you tired of the tracks in the map? It doesn’t matter. You can give full play to your imagination in this game. You can design your own tracks. After making up this map, you can edit it in the editing mode anytime. You can also send your map to your friend and compete with him or her in this map. Your friend can also save or edit your map.

- Various props. You can turn the tables by using the props skillfully. You don’t need to be afraid of making a turn with the drifting prop.

-Playback. You can know where you went wrong. You can do it better the next time.

- Skim through the history scores easily. Touch the screen lightly, then you can shift the map to check your best score. You can share it anytime.

- Bluetooth, the game center. This is a necessity. Take out your chips to make the challenge more exciting.

- Automatic match battle: When you enter one level, the system will automatically search online players and match you two into a battle. You don’t need to wait in boredom again and again for a competitor.

- Game center ranking list: Among the racing masters, ranking list is a true reflection of your racing strategy.

- Share (facebook, twitter, sina): Since you find out the best track, share it with others. All people’s happiness is the true essence of happiness. Share your achievements with your friend.

This game is designed on my own. I hope that you can support this game and enjoy yourselves.

If you have some problems or suggestions, or you have better ideas, please contact me. I’m here waiting for your advice. Thank you!