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Time Calculator 365+

iPhone / iPad
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This is the most powerful, accurate, and feature rich date/time calculator app in the App Store. It is designed for speed, convenience, and ease of use. No spinning wheels. No sliders. It is designed so you can quickly enter time and dates by just tapping on buttons. And it is powerful. Unlike most apps where you can project time in small quantities, with this app you can project time forward or backward 100+ years, calculated to the seconds.

- You can calculate time difference between 2 time points. It will give you a resultant time amount that can be converted into multiple formats, eg. in xx Yrs xx Months xx Days xx hrs xx mins xx secs, or in xx Wks, xx mths, xx.yy days... many many formats are available.

- You can project forward or backward into past or future, 100+ years, and it will give you the resultant date and time, accurate to the minutes and seconds. This is in addition to calculating the time difference between 2 time points.

- All functions are intricately linked, so if you want to know, for example, how much time there is left between now and 3:00pm tomorrow, it will tell you the answer and with a tap on the screen, it will create a countdown timer, counting down to 3:00pm. If you want to know, for example, what time it would be 5hrs 38mins 25s from now, it will tell you, for example, that it would be 8:32pm tonight, and with one tap on the screen, it will automatically create a timer, counting down to 8:32pm.

- You can do arithmetics on time amounts, all four +,-,x,÷ operations on time amounts. It is designed to be like a standard calculator so you can do arithmetic calculations on time quantities just like would on a standard calculator. So it is fast. You can also input a time amount, and your hourly wage, and it will tell you how much you earned.

- You can quickly add/tally time amounts in Time Adder mode. You can add/tally up to 100 time inputs. It will give you the grand total, in multiple formats, e.g in decimal xx.yyHrs, or in xxHrs xxMins xxSecs format. With this feature, you can add numerous time quantities in half the time it would normally take.

- You can use the countdown timer to count down, live, to your next event, such as your next meeting, your friend's wedding, your next pay cheque, time to the weekend... you can also use the timer to count up, e.g. live count the time of a past event e.g. your birthday, and see how old you are in real time. You can enter up to 100 events. Say, if you're a doctor, you can input the birthdates of up to 100 patients, and see their age updated live by the second. Or say if you want to countdown to sporting events, you can enter up to 100 events, and see the countdown for each live, as they count down.

- The skin in the screenshots show only one skin type. However, you can change the skin of the calculator to your liking. There are 10+ skins to choose from.

- There is a tape available, to look back on previous calculations or inputs.