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TarotDiary: Robin Wood Edition provides a quick, easy and insightful way to get answers, using Robin Wood’s beautiful deck. Answers to questions like "What do I need to know about my career?" or "How do I fix this relationship?" are hard enough to figure out on your own. But you can tap into the powerful wisdom of Tarot and figure things out for yourself!

All of us can be readers, just as all of us have dreams. The hardest part is relaxing and listening to what comes up. Trustyourself! After all, no one knows you better than YOU. Try it!

TarotDiary creates readings with a single tap and provides easy access to the cards in your spread, putting you right in the heart of a reading. If you choose, TarotDiary can guide you through preparing yourself for a good reading. And then TarotDiary lets you write notes as you go, either on individual cards or on the whole reading.

simple to use and easy to understand
78 full-sized Retina card images from Robin Wood's insightful deck
select from 10 spreads, including the Celtic Cross spread
organize your readings with 10 topics
write notes about the reading and notes on each card in the reading
zoom into the art of each card and see its description at the same time
track and rank your readings, to easily access them later
get unparalleled analysis reports of your readings. No other Tarot app shows you the top 3 Major Arcana, top 3 court cards, most prevalent suit and denomination in a set of readings!
connect with others online to discuss your readings

The Robin Wood Tarot deck, first published in 1991, is one of the most popular decks in the world. It modernizes the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, while keeping the symbolism and bringing the characters to life with lively colors and insightful details. You can feel the characters’ happiness, sadness, fear, hope, grumpiness, curiosity, awe, exuberance, fury, and joy. Robin's deck makes learning Tarot easy.

TarotDiary provides a method of introspection, a way to honestly looking to understand more about what you are focused on. The cards allow you to touch feelings and realize insight. Sometimes the cards invoke memories of people or places, and trigger connections.

Don't rely on what other people think. Rely on what YOU think! What matters is how YOU feel about a card, and what its secret messages are trying to tell you. Believe in your wisdom. Trust in yourself! After all, no one knows you better than YOU!


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