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TTTrack: An app that is the first of it's kind. This is a very unique and powerful tool used to analyse table tennis. Table Tennis has never before been able to be analysed, purely because of the speed of the game and the amount of things that would need analysed.

This app is devised to be simple to use. It uses only finger touches, and from that you can determine a full statistics report for the game that you analysed.

You analyse one player (Player 1) and from that you can gather the following data.

How many points:

Points Played =
Points Won =
Point Lost =

Short Serves =
Long Serves =
Long Fast Serves =
Short Backspin =
Short Sidespin =
Short Float =
Short Topspin =
Service Error =
Points Won On Service =

Flick =
Touch Short =
Push Long =
Topspin =
Receive Error =
Service Error =
Points Won On Return Of Service =

Forehand Winners =
Backhand Winners =
Lob Winners =
Push Winners =
Block Winners =
Flick Winners =

Forehand Error =
Backsand Error =
Lob Error =
Push Error =
Block Error =
Flick Error =

Above is a list of the details you will receive after you watch a player and use the app. It is perfect for working out player trends, shot selection, whether a player is negative or positive etc.

It also includes a very cool 'Eagle Eye' feature when enabled you would be able to see where each and every shot was played and each shot would be colour coded with a separate colour (so you can see where they play the majority of their Forehands etc). It includes email functionality to quickly share the stats results with coaches and fellow players to give a heads up on that player.

Truly a very worth while tool for any table tennis player/coach who wants the edge on their opponent or to work out parts of their own game.

There will be regular updates to improve UI.

Enjoy !!