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"App of the week", San Francisco Chronicle,

Enriching our Community

"I just want to add my thanks and gratitude to SwiftBot for putting this app together. It is just a great opportunity to get the message out about how valuable St. Mary's School is to the Chinese community and to the greater Bay Area community. And so with this App, people will learn more and more about the gem that exists in the heart of Chinatown."
-Father Daniel McCotter
-Director of St. Mary's School,
-Pastor of Holy Family Parish and Old Saint Mary's Cathedral

"It is wonderful to view this App depicting the energy and enthusiasm of the spirit of the students, faculty and staff of St. Mary’s School and Chinese Catholic Center. With a strong academic program and Mandarin as our foreign language, our Kindergartens to Eighth Graders begin to develop into citizens of the world with strong traditions and faith values. The students learn to reach out of their community through service projects, as well as learn to build team work by playing sports. I personally hope that your curiosity is aroused to download this app and learn about St. Mary’s School."
-Mrs. Nancy Fiebelkorn
-Principal of St. Mary's School

As a way of showing the quality of our platform, we actively seek out and publish for organizations that are key contributors to our community. Their stories are vibrant and compelling examples of the good people do each and every day. The dramatically reduced rates we offer to these select organizations are only made possible by the scalability of our platform. We believe in giving back to the community and this is just one way of doing that.

The first one to be showcased is the "St. Mary's School and Chinese Catholic Center". For nearly a century, they have charitably helped the local Chinese community through education and community service. The school instills in its students a part of their rich cultural heritage alongside their quality education. It should come as no surprise that their alumni go on to become well known, influential figures that continue to give back to the community. If you like what you see, spread the word - great things should be shared!

We are always looking for schools, foundations, and non-profit organizations to help. If you are part of such an organization, you may know that there is rarely enough funding to even consider marketing. Every dollar goes directly toward improving services or providing aid. We want to change that by being the platform that shows just how important and valuable your work is.

We select groups that bring extraordinary value to the community and publish their story on our platform free of cost. Being able to move beyond word of mouth is a necessary step in breaking through modern day complacency. By presenting your perspectives through a polished and visually attractive tablet app, anybody can learn more at any time. Capturing the attention of interested parties during that small window of opportunity when they're still curious about what you do is absolutely key. Beyond finding out what you do, they can also learn why it's worth doing, and why they should get involved as well.