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Sastharemind is a an intuitive way to create and manage reminders. It uses tags to organise reminders. You can filter reminders based on the tag / date and can optionally hide inactive reminders. Emojis are displayed automatically making it easier to spot the reminders. Some of the other features are postpone / pre-pone, presets, on hold, search, bulk assign tags, reorder tags and many subtle touches that we hope you enjoy

Below are some of the user comments:

★★★★★ This app allows me to set reminders easily using customisable pre-defined interval settings. One big plus is the display of emoticons along each reminder based of the content!

★★★★★ You wont forget anything with this easy reminder app. pre-pone / postpone by swiping is the coolest function.


Pls visit to see detailed explanation of the features.

◉ Tags - Reminders can be organised using tags. You can assign bulk assign tags to reminders. Filtering reminders based on tags allows you to focus only on the tasks that interest you.You can also move and delete tags.

◉ Emoji (🍉🎂💼) - Emojis are displayed automatically based on the reminder name. This makes it easier to browse through a long list of reminders by just looking at the emojis.

◉ Postpone / pre-pone - A reminder can be postponed / pre-poned by swiping left / right on the reminder date in the Configure screen. This works based on the repeat option set. For example if the reminder is set for weekends, swiping to the left on the reminder date would postpone the reminder to the next weekend.

◉ Star Filter - Star filter button is present at the bottom of the screen. This helps to display only the reminders that fall today / tomorrow / this week / this month etc. This can be customised in the app settings.

◉ Presets - Presets are quick way to create reminders, just press the preset button at the bottom of the home screen and the reminders with predefined text and time are created. For frequently used reminders this works great. It can be customised in the app's settings.

◉ On hold - A reminder can be put on hold if you feel the task is not a priority anymore. It can be done by holding and pressing on the reminder. Do the same to re-enable the reminders. All the on hold reminders are greyed out and pushed to the bottom of the list.

◉ Search - Reminders can be searched based on the text and the search results can be further filtered based on today / tomorrow / this week / 7 days / month

◉ Recurrence - Recurring reminders can be created, the recurrence options include daily / weekly / weekdays / weekends / monthly / yearly

◉ Smart Date validation - While creating a reminder the app does smart validation to check if the date is valid, if not it provides suggestions.

◉ Smart Ordering - Reminders are automatically ordered in ascending order based on the reminder date and disabled reminders are on the bottom of the list.

◉ Snooze - When a reminder is notified the app provides the ability to snooze the reminder, and the snooze slider can be moved to change the snooze time.

◉ Silent reminders - A reminder can be made to be a silent reminder by pressing the speaker on the configure screen. This would disable all alerts for the reminder and would function like notes.

◉ Customisation - When on the home screen, shake the phone to enter the settings.

Pls visit our website for explanation of the features using screenshots.

You can email us with your questions / suggestions / feedback regarding the app. The email address is in the support webpage.