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NSi Mobile

iPhone / iPad
  • Business
  • Productivity
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NOTE: The free NSi Mobile app requires use of the NSi™ AutoStore platform for all operations. Please consult with your company’s IT organization before downloading and running this app. NSi Mobile will not operate without the necessary back-end system(s).

About NSi Mobile
NSi Mobile is a productivity app for businesses and organizations in need of extending business processes to their mobile workforces. With NSi Mobile, remote workers can securely send documents, photographs, and other electronic files to their accounting, healthcare, ERP or any number of other business applications. What's more, NSi Mobile provides mobile workforces with the flexibility to complete business forms on their device, virtually eliminating the need for paper-based forms used today. And for teams working in the office, NSi Mobile offers a secure and convenient means to print sensitive documents “on-demand” to network printer.

With NSi Mobile you get a total solution, one with a unique combination of features that also extends the power of NSi AutoStore and NSi Output Manager to smart devices. NSi Mobile allows mobile workers to work efficiently and deliver quality information downstream

NSi Mobile Major Capabilities:

Mobile Capture On-The-Go:
Your mobile device is a source for capturing business information. With NSi Mobile, you can now securely deliver information back into your company’s business processes regardless if it originates as a picture you took on your device, an email attachment, a file you downloaded from a cloud hosted service or from any other application on your mobile device. NSi Mobile allows for capturing PDFs, and Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents.

Mobile eForms:
Forget about having to find, print, carry, and return paper forms. With NSi Mobile you can now extend back office business applications directly to your mobile device. New patient admittance, claims processing, or any other forms-based application is securely delivered to your remote workforce. Data can easily be validated with document management or other line of business applications directly within the form itself. As a result, processes are completed faster and more accurately, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Secure File Access:
Mobile workers can tap into the company network from wherever they are. NSi Mobile’s ‘My Files’ connects workers to their networked Home Directory, affording them secure access to their files and shared network folders. By leveraging NSi AutoStore, mobile workers can exchange information securely with the enterprise’s content management systems.

Secure Mobile Print:
Initiate print jobs from wherever you are. Your information waits safely in the print queue until you securely release it at a networked printer or multi-functioned device (MFD). NSi Mobile keeps information secure until it is needed, and eliminates the sprint to the device to pick up confidential information. With NSi Mobile, office workers, mobile teams, and on-the-go employees can use their mobile devices to print securely to any network printer.

NSi Mobile allows workers to quickly obtain the consent they need to perform tasks, validate information, and obtain approval. NSi Mobile allows for easy signing directly on the mobile device screen. Workers can collect and deliver the required approvals any time, any place, enabling work to move forward while they are on the go.

Deliver a deeper understanding of the situation when you include geo-location information on-demand, or automatically, with your mobile documents and photographs.

Barcode Scanning:
With NSi Mobile, enjoy these same benefits when on the go. By simply reading the barcode with your mobile device, populate e-form fields instantaneously with accurate data pulled right from the corporate database. NSi Mobile supports many widely used barcode types.