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JamExam Free Ukulele Bass Chords Guitar Scales and Book

iPhone / iPad
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Jam Exam is a great practice tool for guitar, bass, ukulele and baritione ukulele players. If you are studying guitar, bass or ukulele, either privately or on your own, you should find this app to be great value to your studies!

The App has 3 sections.

The first section features "how to use" videos.

The second section is dedicated to improvisation over our great sounding backing tracks with scale grids for Guitar, Bass, Ukulele and Baritone Ukulele currently available. Guitar, Bass, Ukulele and Baritone Ukulele players can practice imporvising over high quality backing tracks in a new an exciting way. Jam Exam App includes Major Scales, Pentatonic Scales, Minor Blues, in relative and in parallel positions, with more scale options being added all the time.
First, the user chooses the picture of the instrument they will play, either Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele or Baritone Ukulele, and can then choose to either:
A) Manually scroll through each scale stopping on the scale position where they want to practice.
B) The user can set A TIMER that will count down to 0 and will automatically change the scale to another one. The next scale will be in the same key but in a different position on the neck. Working this way enables the musician to work on mechanics while training their ears, hands and eyes to the positions on the neck.
Other user defined settings include: Left Handed Player Display on/off Display Intervals on/off. Audio on/off Set the duration/scroll of each screen.

The third section is dedicated to The Jam Exam Beginner Guitar Method App! This book was written by an experienced guitar instructor who has taught 1000's of private lessons. It is direct, to-the-point, lots of video examples, and looks great on a tablet. Basic theory is covered and a strong emphesis on the mechanics of guitar playing. The videos are content heavy without fluff. It is also easy to read on tablets! If you have never played guitar before, don't understand the theory behind chords, or what scales to play that sound good over chords, or want to have a better understanding of what you are playing in your solos, check this book out!