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Healthcare Communication App PRO

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New Healthcare Communication App Home PRO gives you all of the same features of the home version, plus features required in the professional environment. Differences of PRO vs Home:

PRO version contains an ICU specific page. Home does not have an ICU page.

PRO version allows you to set the display and voice languages independently. Home version always sets the display and voice languages to the same language.

Communication between PATIENT and CAREGIVER is vital! When the ability to communicate is lost or impaired by illness, trauma, medical- process or language barriers, communication becomes even more vital and possibly life saving!

Our app aids communication between patients and caregivers - in 8 languages

Using the Healthcare Communication App is very easy. The caregiver or the patient opens the app and selects the appropriate page for communication. If the patient is able, he can touch icons to express his wants and needs. The app will speak for him. If his wants and needs are not found as an icons on the app, have the patient use the TYPE TEXT function to help communicate what he needs to say. If the patient is unable to touch icons on the screen, the caregiver touches icons and gets a yes or no response from the patient. Yes = thumbs up, a common nod or eyes wide open. No = thumbs down, a common nod or eyes closed.

The URGENT PAGE is home page. It features the PAIN SCALE and icons of BASIC COMMUNICATION between patient and caregiver. Touch a body part on the front or back views of the human body and a marker appears on the screen to help IDENTIFY THE POINT OF THE PATIENT’S AILMENT. Touch the pain scale from 0 – 10 and a marker appears to help IDENTIFY THE PATIENT’S LEVEL OF PAIN. Touch an icon and it’s HIGHLIGHTED for visual stimulus and then SPEAKS the text written beneath the icon for aural communication.

The FOOD PAGE depicts icons of popular foods and drinks. NOTE: Because the foods of the world’s population can be so vastly different, we’ve allowed for not listing the FOOD PAGE as a button on the menu bar. Remove or add it in PREFERENCES.

Below the main menu bar and displayed on every page is another menu bar with COMMON TERMS listed on each side. These terms include yes and no, please and thank you, up and down and on and off. These words can be used by themselves or in combination with other icons. For example, TV – On- Please. Use these when relevant and for expression.

In the middle of the same bar is the TYPE TEXT and TYPE NUMBER buttons. These are where a patient or caregiver can type in words, phrases, sentences and numbers. Press the SPEAK icon and the app will voice the typed-in text or numbers. Press CLEAR to erase typing. These functions can either be accessed by the TYPE TEXT or TYPE NUMBER buttons on every page or in MENU. When an onscreen keyboard is shown, the keyboard can be configured to support characters that are unique to certain languages. Touching the small keyboard icon at the bottom right will access an input configuration screen.

TYPE NUMBER speaks the number 614 as six hundred and fourteen.

TYPE PHONE NUMBER provides a telephone number board to type in phone numbers and will speak the number 614 as six-one-four.

Healthcare Communication App supports certain languages when you purchase it. Additions to the list of supported languages will come as updates. Visit our site in the app market to check on those updates or email us.

Regarding LANGUAGES, this application provides different configurations whereby the text can be displayed in one language while spoken in another. For example, in PREFERENCES, change the text display to one language and the speech engine to another. The text now reads in one language and when an icon is touched, is spoken in another language. These combinations can be very helpful in multi-lingual situations.