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ballTracer - Find your golf ball faster

Golf is a great game. However, searching for your ball can be a tedious task. Even if you try to memorize landing area and ball flight, how often did you lose the trace in high rough trying to recapture the exact details of the landing area?

This iphone App will assist you finding your golf ball faster.

Just take a picture from where you shot towards the location your ball landed. The App stores the location and the direction of the shot. Estimate the length of your shot and you‘re done.

On the way to your golf ball you will be assisted by a map. You will see
* the picture you took towards the landing area,
* your actual location,
* the location from where you shot,
* the radial and
* the potential landing area of the ball.
The picture of the landing area helps you orienting yourself graphically.

The simplicity of the app allows everybody to focus just on finding the ball. It is suited for kids, golf novices, amateurs and even advanced players.

Enjoy your game, play well!

1. Please validate use of the app before playing a competition, see e.g. „R&A Rules of Golf“ (
2. Please be aware of the fact that location services use a lot of energy, especially when high accuracy is required. In case of low energy turn this App off.
3. Casings for your iPhone may contain metal parts that could disturb the accuracy. For best results remove them before using this App.