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ClickDesigner is a robust, fully-programmable metronome that allows you to easily design complex click tracks for your rehearsals or live performances. It has been specifically designed to give both music educators and performing musicians rapidly-editable and automated features so adjustments are handled effortlessly. This tool is perfect for professional studio settings, live performances and rehearsing large ensembles such as marching bands. Handling metronome duties is a breeze since you may fully automate your count-off and start and stop sets, as well as save and export your lists to other users.


* Rock-solid sound engine accurate to 21 nano-seconds (millionths of a second), tempo range 20-1000 BPM, using Apple's CoreAudio and our own SubFrame Technology.

* IMPORT and EXPORT via email and Dropbox, as well as local file storage.

* TEMPO, METER, SUBDIVISION and COUNT-OFF DESIGNERS allow for a completely customizable user experience.

* Fully-controlled accelerando and ritardando to allow for early-curved, linear, and late-curved tempo changes.

* Set To Set and Edit Set modes allow for customized click tracks that will automatically change after a specified number of counts.

* Program mode allows storage of an unlimited number of programs with separate tempo, meter, subdivision and volume assignments on each program, which are quickly accessible.

* TAP function for setting tempo, as well as a TILT function using the accelerometer for rit/accel that happen at sub-beat precision.

* VIBRATE function for feeling pulse silently.

* ADVANCE function will help you automatically jump to the next program (in Program mode), aiding fast changes in live performance.

* Quickly accessible lists to change programs or sets rapidly.

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