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AutoDens does all the air density calculation at just one single touch.

Temperature, air pressure and humidity have affects to the performance of engines and aircrafts. AutoDens helps to get all the required parameters automaticly via the internet and calculates the current air density, relative humidity and air pressure. It also shows your geographic position, current temperature, dewpoint, physical elevation and the barometric pressure (QNH).

- automatic, airport and offline (manual) mode
- getting current location
- loading meteo-data (METAR) from the nearest airport
- calculating meteo-values for the current geo position (using up to 4 different airports nearby)
- shows METAR of nearest airport in raw format
- calculates density altitude, pressure altitude, relative humidity, air density and QFE
- choose your preferred units (celsius / fahrenheit, hectopascal/inches of mercury, feet/meters)
- database with more than 40'000 airports worldwide

AutoDens might help you as a efficient tool for calculating air density. But since it relays on a working infrastructure, it might not produce accurate results in all situations (internet connection could fail or some odd weather conditions might not act as it is calculated in ISA standard-atmoshpere). Do not use this as your single source for flight preparation.