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The Aakkozzll app is a substitute for throwing dice. For the first time, players can see the probability distribution of each throw (unlike dice which have a similar pattern, but you just can't see it), creating a very visual/physical reference for students just being introduced to stats.

Great for use in the classroom to familiarize students with the binomial distribution or normal curve. As the balls fall down they randomly go left or right (its about 50/50) depending on how they land. You effectively get a series of coin tosses which determines the final position of the balls. Only one ball actually determines your "roll". It blinks red to make it easy to see.

Original inspiration came from the Galton board, a physical device that was built 150 years ago to demonstrate the central tendency. We've used the physics of that device to create an easy-to-use iPhone app so that its insights can be shared with the world.

Why the funny name? The Aakkozzll (pronounced "acausal") demonstrates a paradox that although the result of any one individual cannot be predicted, the general pattern can be. This extends to the real world. The fact that a person falls into poverty is not entirely predictable, but the fact that a society will have a certain distribution of rich and poor (regardless of their particular paths towards riches and poverty) is quite constant, especially when you have a large population.

Educators, we encourage you to share this with your peers!

Production for the Aakkozzll was conceived and directed by Burke Brown of the University of Toronto. Design and implementation was done by Charles Anifowose at Vretta. Thanks to all contributors for your feedback!