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Super Stretch Yoga Spanish HD

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  • Education
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Breathe, stretch, play and learn Spanish as Super Stretch introduces you to his friends and their yoga poses. Super Stretch is your guide as you go through this fun, EDU-tainment yoga app created for kids.

Storytelling, animation and video examples, help kids to make NAMASTE a part of their day. NAMASTE is The Adventures of Super Stretch’s secret code to help kids learn to find balance and strength in their lives. Be the best you can be! Practice poses, collect 12 stars and get a team photo.

Each of Super Stretch's friends helps us learn how to use movement and breathing to make every day balanced. Real-life kids demonstrate the pose. It’s a great way to enjoy exercise and learn a new language.


-12 yoga poses for all skill levels and ages

-Animated flashcards to live action with real-life kids demonstrate the pose

-Breathing breaks. Can you take 3 deep breaths?

-Inspiring music with each pose

-Team photo

Variety of ways to learn and use:

-Teaching tool you can do with kids or, kids can do alone

-Follow along by pressing ‘Play All’ button and Super Stretch will introduce you to his friends and their yoga poses

-Pick 1 pose to do at a time and follow along with Super Stretch and his friends

Additional BONUS features:

-Go through 12 poses and take a photo.

The more we progress and practice, the more photos we get to make.

The Adventures of Super Stretch app was developed by Jessica Rosenberg, an industrial designer and 500 E/RYT, 200/500 RYS national yoga educator and an incredible team of creative app developers. Jessica’s love for yoga, inspiration from her students and desire to offer children accessible wellbeing tools helped bring Super Stretch to life.

The app was created for everyone - young to old, layman and educators - to teach the immeasurable benefits of yoga. Yoga is a powerful physical discipline. In the ten years of teaching thousands of wellness classes, Jessica has seen incredible transformations. An estimated 17.5 million adults practice yoga. As of 2007, there were over 1.5 million children practicing yoga.

The scientific community is coming out with research statistics on how yoga is helping children with issues like obesity, diabetes and asthma. And yoga has been proven beneficial in teaching positive cognitive skills for a variety of different special needs populations ranging from physical disabilities, ADHD to autism spectrum disorders. The physical practice of yoga provides a healthy outlet to calm the nervous system reducing stress and teaching kids how to relax. The mindfulness and breathing aspects of yoga offer children skills for dealing with emotions giving them an ability to understand their feelings and relate to others. The balancing and standing postures help kids with sensory integration issues, helping to provide structure and discipline in their development. Yoga also helps to cultivate good character traits like trust and respecting themselves and others.

Super Stretch is an educational yoga tool to use and teach the fun of physical activity and breathing to children. They will use the skills of self-awareness, self-esteem and self-regulation that they learn from this app as a foundation for the rest of their lives.

Are you ready for the Adventures?

Stay tuned for upcoming apps and iBook activity books.

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-App design and development by PUNY LLC,

-Illustrations by Teri Harriet

 and Jessica Rosenberg

-Music by The Elektrik Eye,