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Gonster Monster Remover

iPhone / iPad
  • Entertainment
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They're seriously terrifying. I mean, that's sort of their thing. So when you've got one growling under your bed or rustling around in your closet, it can be hard to get a good night's rest. That's why we made Gonster™ Monster Remover, so you and your family can sleep easy.

And with a slew of new monster based movies, games, and TV shows in the app store, Gonster™ has arrived just in time.


Finding and removing monsters is easy!

Step 1: Hold Device Firmly
Even if your hands are shaking. Flick the switch to the "on" position.

STEP 2: As scanning begins, follow onscreen directions, making sure to get a full sweep of all the nooks and crannies.

Keep your eye on that radar! Gonster™ will beep when a monster is found. Once a monster is found, it will freeze them in their spot with our double patented "Monster-Stay-Put" technology to prepare them for removal.

STEP 3: Choose Your Tool
Choose one from a number of fine Gonster!™ removal tools. Hit "Change Tool" to select a different technique.

STEP 4: Gonster!™
Press selected tool's button. Watch as your tool does its things and the monsters are removed from your room. Feel your fear quickly melt away.

STEP 5: If You Experience a Malfunction
Let's face it, the monster removal field began in the 80's and was messy. The old way of owning Proton Packs, Neutrino wands, Slime Blowers, and Ecto-Containment Units only allowed the 1% to remove monsters. Not anymore. With new Gonster™ Monster technologies, we can bring monster removal to everyone. However, Gonster™ tech is in it's infancy and sometimes malfunctions occur. If this happens, shake device until normal function returns.

***Gonster™ PRO TIP: Hug your Gonster™ Monster Remover at the end of every session to show it you care.

STEP 6: Good job, Tex!
Now that the monsters are removed, you won't see them again for a while.


To Parents:
3 settings allow you to set the level of monsters Gonster™ finds.

For genuinely scared kids. Gonster™ will always indicate that the coast is clear and there are no monsters.

Finds 1 or 2 monsters per session. For kids that are maybe a little scared, but are still having fun.

*Monster Aficionado*
Finds up to 5 monsters per session. For the toughest, most fearless monster removers.

*PARENT Tip: Go to the Settings page and hit the "Reset Gonster™" to find monsters again immediately. Otherwise, you'll have to wait 6 hours for Gonster™ to find more monsters. **This is so subsequent scans before bedtime produce no monsters and kids can sleep easy.