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Vehicle Tap

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Vehicle Tap

Vehicle Tap is a fun and user friendly app for kids that has an abundance of pictures, sounds and categories of transportation including: urban, industry and military. The app uses images and words to teach transportation vocabulary. Sound effects and the pronunciation of each word are also included. With this intuitive method of teaching, parents will be impressed how quickly their children can learn new vocabulary. Let kids have a ride on Vehicle Tap.

How to Learn with Vehicle Tap

Step 1: Pick a vehicle category that most interests you!
Step 2: Flip through the flashcards to learn the names, spellings and sounds the vehicles make!
Step 3: Head back to the main menu to try another category!

Learning how to play Vehicle Tap is simple enough for younger children, but interesting enough to keep the attention of older children. They’ll have fun playing with the sound effects and repeating the names of the vehicles.

Bright and colorful graphics
Each vehicle is equipped with an accurate sound effect
Choose from 3 categories of vehicles: Urban, Industry and Military
Kid-friendly interface with no complicated menus
No internet connection required!