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GroupShare Full Yum

iPhone / iPad
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For truly adventuresome lovers of intimacy, the GroupShare Game is a dreamy way to reveal the reality of our humanness in an environment of acceptance... and get closer to our beloveds.

This game is EDGY! Intentionally so.

It's also safe, and trust building. There is no competition. Everyone works together to support each other's full consent, and in being in a "win" all evening!

You practice asking for what you want, say what you don't want, share what you think and feel about provocative topics, and hear honest feedback from others during the GroupShare discussions.

Any number may play. Recommended for 4 to 10 players. Requires only one digital device regardless of number of players.

Objects of the Game:
* To create a safe container in which the players want to share about themselves in intimate and revealing ways.
* To practice active, non-judgmental listening.
* To create deep and powerful connections.
* To step over the collective taboo threshold into sharing our secret inner lives.
* To revel in our similarities and differences.
* To engage family, friends and lovers in new and exciting ways.
* To release judgement and embrace expansiveness.
* To share our aliveness and our passions.
* To practice knowing what we want, asking for it, and negotiating a win-win!

There are two kinds of activity cards, GROUP cards and YOUR (individual) cards. Each suggests a topic to discuss or an action to perform. You participate only to the level you feel comfortable in each moment.

The uniqueness of this game comes from the freedom to PLAY, PASS, or RETIRE each card. To PLAY means you follow the instructions on the card within the chosen time limit. To PASS means you hand the digital device to any other player and it becomes their turn. To RETIRE the card means skip the card and try another one.

SETUP controls timer ending sounds, and settable timers for the various types of cards. You may change the game pacing anytime, including during a game.