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Photo Reveal - Encrypted secret text and audio messages hidden in images

iPhone / iPad
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  • Photo & Video
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50% OFF this weekend! Keep your secret relationships or your business sensitive info safe with AES 256 bit military-grade encrypted text and audio messages hidden into decoy images.

*Featured as one of the best romanian apps on ProTV's 'I Like IT' show hosted by George Buhnici - 29.08.2013

With our app you can:
- Hide text messages up to 1000 characters in photos
- Hide audio messages up to 90 seconds in photos

Photo Reveal is an application that can hide text and audio messages in images. That's right! How is this done? Well, your secrets are first encrypted with AES encryption based on the password that you provide, then they are embedded into the picture in such manner, that the difference between the original photo and the one generated by Photo Reveal is not visible.

For hiding your secrets you can use any types of images that iOS can handle and that are saved in your Photo Library. You can also use a image taken with the built-in camera (if your device has one) right from the app.

What can you do with the images generated with Photo Reveal:

You can save them to Camera Roll so you can use them latter. From the Camera Roll you can save them further anywhere you want (via iPhoto on your Mac or in any other way to whatever device you wish) as long as the saving method does not involves recompression or downsizing!

NOTE: you can send the images generated with Photo Reveal with Messages (as iMessage only, not MMS). That's a great way to tell things to your close friends when you have secrets to share!

You can send them by e-mail to the person(s) that you wish to share the secret with, as long as you allways choose, if asked, the option ACTUAL SIZE for image attachments. Otherwise, the secrets embedded into the picture will be lost!

You can find lots of useful ways to use the generated images.

A few tips: if you want to keep a phone number or many phone numbers or notes about a person or a place that you've been, just hide them in a picture. You can even record audio messages about certain events. No one will ever suspect what is behind that photo from you Photo Library! Now you can handle you phone to your boyfriend or girlfriend without the fear of them spying on you.

- You can use a image that you have as a e-mail signature. Use that image as input image in Photo Reveal, and send it via E-mail. It will look like your e-mail signature, but il will have the secrets embedded with it.

- Do you have confidential data like credit card numbers, bank accounts numbers, password for websites or any other data? Well, hide them in a picture! Not only that the data is encrypted so it is very safe, but it's also hidden in a place that no one will ever discover. Handy, isn't it?

- You can keep in touch with your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend without anyone knowing about it! All you receive and send are nice pictures about you vacations or you pets, or whatever you like. But your secret relationship is safe!

About the encryption that Photo Reveal uses:
Photo Reveal relies on iOS encryption and decryption Standard Libraries. The encryption mechanism is AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with 256 bit key. NOTE: a bigger and complicated password is better for the safety of your secret.

This app is a project that is under long term development. We will do our best to improve the app over time and provide constant updates and improvements.