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Brat's Seller's Estimated Net Sheet Calculator

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The Brat’s Seller’s Estimated Net Sheet Calculator is a very intuitive, easy, yet flexible app for your iPad. Based on 15 years of knowledge in the industry. Brat Net Sheet was designed with the realtor in mind. A standalone app that allows the realtor or seller's representative the freedom to calculate the seller's net costs at closing in the customer's home, office or on the road within minutes. Email the Net Sheet as an attached PDF, or print it to a WiFi (AirPrint compatible) printer.

Texas Version – This version of the Brat’s Seller’s Estimated Net Sheet was primarily developed for the state of Texas. Although you may use this version for other states, you might find required fields of data missing on the net sheet for your area. We are working to other state versions that will be released soon. Please feel free to send us your requests.

Key Features

1. Standalone app that provides you with the freedom to work remotely.
2. There are many auto-calculations built into the app for speed and accuracy.
3. Email a copy of the Net Sheet to your customers.
4. Print the Net Sheet to a WiFi printer (this requires an AirPrint compatible printer).
5. Enter one time; your company defaults for items such as those stand costs, commission percentages, escrow fee, and more…
6. Simply switch how Taxes and HOA fees are paid from upfront to arrears with a tap of a button.
7. Beautifully designed for both Portrait and Landscape modes on your iPad.

We love your positive feedback! Please be kind in your app reviews, tell others how you use the Brat Net Sheet, and stay tuned for new awesome features and upgrades. We have a lot of plans for this app, too many to make it in this first version.

Be sure that you visit our website for additional information about the Brat Net Sheet and our other great apps.

Bug Reporting – Please report bugs on our website or by pressing the Send Comments button in the app so we can address them as soon as possible. We have done some extensive testing on this app, but occasionally a bug or two might slip through our testing processes. Because we care about our customers and we are very proud of this app, we make every attempt to fix our apps ASAP and post updates fast if any issues are found!