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H'virtue ~Accumulate virtues diary - Get the happiness by accumulating virtue~

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Virtue is its own reward.
Even if there is a lot of property, would not be satisfied that the heart is a way of life without a virtue.
With H'virtue, you can stack diligently the "virtue" of every day. It is a reliable application to acquire awareness of the "virtue" Then.
Happiness is in their own, the key to unlocking it, there would be around you.

*Stack one virtue and download the app
When you download the app, 100 yen will be donated to Save the Children Japan. 6,000 yen was contributed by this App.

It's easy to use
Press the (+) button, I want to add a virtue.
Fill in 90 characters or less content, simply select the "LOSE" to act is to lose virtue, the "STACK" to act is to gain virtue, virtue is accumulated in the list page.
There is a button at the bottom of the page list. You can rearrange the order of the "LOSE" or "STACK".
Mustache current color is displayed in the center of the bottom of the page list. Your link to the detail page when you tap there. And you can look at the "value of virtte ( STACK - LOSE = )" current.
In addition, the "Teacher Red mustache", the grading is grading the virtues of your page! You can know the value of virtue details.

There is no mustache you initially. "Beginner" grade, the title is (Give up easily). Please get the (White mustache) of, "Grade 1" By continuing to "accumulate virtues." Finally, please aim of "Grade 7" a (Black mustache).
*To accumulate virtues, it is important to day-to-day effort. In order to get the "Black mustache" is "STACK" three per day. There is a need to continue it for about two years. "LOSE" continues, of course grade would fall.
■ Grade ■
Beginner(Give up easily) > Grade 1(White mustache) > Grade 2(Yellow mustache) > Grade 3(Orange mustache) > Grade 4(Green mustache) > Grade 5(Purple mustache) > Grade 6(Brown mustache) > Grade 7〜Grade 11(Black mustache) > > > Grade 16(?)
〰 STACK virtue "example" 〰
○ love others ○ encourage others
○ to help others ○ praise others
○ sprinkle a smile ○ donate
○ learn ○ be polite
○ Cleaning the ○ caring

〰 LOSE virtue "example" 〰
○ complain ○ speak ill of others
○ blame others ○ lazy
○ hate others ○ angry
○ lie ○ condemning others
○ boast ○ There is no compassion

- The above is just one example. Initially, it is enough to fill the deeds myself think.
- All data is calculated has been registered. It is possible to change, it will have specifications that can not be removed.
- When you create a new virtue, even when you press the "Done" button of the details page, the date will be registered.