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CMCB is China’s No.1 rap band.
In 2000 it began getting popular all over China because of the song “fake porcelain”.
This laid the foundation for its position in the hall of Chinese rap.

In 2001 they signed a contract with the famous Chinese rock and roll lable “Screaming Record”. After only half a year they published the first Chinese Rap record gong fu. Creating a precedent for Chinese rap rock! The album was well received and with wide acclaim. It won the "Third Music Billboard - 2002 Best Rock New Artist" nomination! The music is full of dynamism. The lyrics are humorour and powerful. Their live shows are expressive. Fans, media and those within the industry all appreciated them, and the it has won numerous music awards, which identified the strength and value of CMCB.

In 2004 CMCB and Screaming Record signed a contract for a second record. The famous Chinese rock and roll music producer W a n g Di was the producer. Xiao Fan from China fashion electronic band “E” was the producer consultant. They also invited the band from same company “occultation” to sing with them. Together they published the second album who touched my brown sauce noodle. In 2007 CMCB recorded the new EP sharp tongue themselves. As the song “sharp tongue” says, follow us, the sharp tongue flying happily, the era of rap rock is coming.

In June 2008, CMCB signed its contract with Pilot Record. After the Beijing Olympic Games, CMCB published a new single here is Beijing to express their patriotism with a unique perspective. In February 2009 they published two singles HWY and unexpected tricky move . More than 20000 people downloaded these songs on the same day. Again, they have proven that rock and roll music and rap do not have a border between them .

CMCB will publish its next album 2012 under Pilot Record. This is a big hit. This is the prefect return after 7 years. This is another pike of the Chinese rap music. This is the documentary of CMCB’s heart. They talk about time, period, and everything about this era. We are so excited at Pilot Records.
CMCB is a rap band from all China’s trends and from Beijing. Each one member has his own special musical ability. They have a different musical style from every other band. This made their special feeling. We call them “Chinese Limp Bizikit”, “Mainland’s MC hot dog”. The lyrics ridicule and use the special Chinese values in examining everything. Not delicate, not artificial! The scene they create is vibrant and contagious! It is popular among fashionable youth and trendy media.

CMCB uses the strength and influence moved a lot fans and busniesses. The band became the spokesperson of fashion brand and the poineer of skateboard style clothes. They use their unique idea of fashion to lead the youth to find their own way of charmingly fitting themselves in clothing. They use the fashion looking, deep lyrics, and powerful music all for explaining their attitude of life.