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The PanaVueTM app enables you to experience and individually control an immersive live video stream with a 180° field of view delivered live to your iOS device through a Wi-FI or cellular data connection from an Altia Systems’ PanaCastTM panoramic video camera. Simple, intuitive and familiar touch screen controls allow you to pan across the video and zoom in and out. The app utilizes the built-in gyroscope to enable panning by moving your device to the left or right and vice versa. The built-in picture-in-picture window provides perspective on the region you are viewing within context of the overall frame, and can also be used to directly pan across the video frame by moving the included rectangle with touch screen finger control. By placing a finger anywhere within the window outside of the zoom rectangle, you can move it to any other location. PanaCastTM cameras have been developed by and are available from Altia Systems. If you do not have a PanaCastTM camera, the app includes a short demonstration video of the PanaCastTM interactive experience.


•Attend live PanaCastTM meetings from anywhere with Internet connectivity at >= 1 Mbps
•View real-time 1800 panoramic live video
•Individually control what you view by simple and familiar touch screen controls: stretch/pinch to zoom in or out, and swipe to pan across the frame
•View live picture-in-picture window showing the whole 1800 field of view
•View zoomed-in video region in the main part of the display screen
•Use the included VPN setup tool to configure VPN (required to attend a PanaCastTM meeting)
•View and interact with the included demo video of the PanaCastTM interactive experience at any time


•You will need the PIN of the PanaCastTM camera you wish to view live. The host of the PanaCastTM session can provide you with that PIN. The PIN is provide on a sticker on the physical PanaCast camera.
•Launch the PanaCastTM App and enter the PanaCastTM camera PIN
•Ensure VPN is on (press “Home” button, go to “Settings,” and turn VPN on)
•Tap the PanaCastTM App icon again to directly join the session


The PanaCastTM app provides video only. Please use your current audio solution (iPhone, speaker phone, etc.) to participate in the audio call.


•For a live session, the host initiating the session needs to have a PanaCastTM camera connected to the Internet with >=1 Mbps available upload bandwidth..
•We recommend that you use WiFi instead of a cellular connection whenever feasible to minimize the amount of cellular data consumed.
•Download bandwidth of 1 Mbps or higher is required