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Evil Clocks

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Arcade
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Version 1.01 for Iphone - Retina compatible

How good are you under stress ? Do you have a good memory and quick reflexes ? Can you keep your head cool when the clock is ticking ? Can you manage your time... in time ? Evil Clocks is an exciting and casual game that will test your coordination and resistance to mounting stress. Give it a try and you will soon become addicted to it! It's the perfect game to play when you are waiting your turn or commuting.

The rules are deceptively simple but the challenges are endless: Try to stop Rome and New York watch needles as close as and as parallel as possible to Tokyo's.

To win, the sum of the 2 angles must be equal or inferior to the LIMIT angle set by the game. The closest you are to the LIMIT angle, the most points you get!

There are 12 levels and each of them has its own special rules and conditions. The game ends when you have failed 3 times in a row to respect the LIMIT angle set for each level.

For the first 12 levels : To reach the next level, you need to clear out 6 stages, each of them increasingly difficulty :

3 stages at LIMIT angle of 30°
2 stages at LIMIT angle of 25°
1 stage at LIMIT angle of 20°

For the last 3 “Superior” levels you only need to pass 3 extra-level stages at a LIMIT angle of 30°.

Bonus : If any stage is cleared in less than 10 seconds, you will be awarded extra points. The “plus” and “minus” buttons let you adjust the needle speed to synchronize them or/and clear out the stage in less time and get the bonus.

The 12 levels

Level One: Aries Level Two: Taurus Level Three: Gemini Level Four: Cancer

Level Five: Leo Level Six: Virgo Level Seven : Libra Level Eight : Scorpio

Level Nine : Sagittarius Level Ten : Capricorn Level Eleven : Aquarius Level Twelve : Pisces

The 3 Superior extra-levels

TimeZone Level

TOKYO needle stops but you need to calculate the correct time difference between the three cities. Stop NEW YORK and ROME needles accordingly as quickly as possible. NEW YORK is 13 hours behind TOKYO (195°) and ROME is 7 hours behind it (105°). The quadrant covers 24 hours.
Alternate Level

All three needles are spinning simultaneously. Every 3 seconds, TOKYO needle will revert its rotation direction for 1 second (one step back and three steps forwards). As quickly as possible, synchronize both ROME and NEW YORK needle speeds with the “plus” and “minus” buttons and stop them when they meet TOKYO.

Last Level

All three needles are spinning simultaneously. Every 4 seconds the Tokyo needle will become invisible for 1 second and spin counter-clock wise. ROME and NEW YORK are only visible when TOKYO needle is invisible and reciprocally. Synchronize both needles speeds with the “plus” and “minus” buttons and stop them when they meet TOKYO.