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DynaNotes Plus

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DynaNotes Plus – Top Quality Student Course Notes Aligned to Texas' TEKS!
(designed for generation 2+ iPads)

Provide your students with the DynaNotes Plus system and watch them tackle higher order thinking activities. With the support of personalized and effective course notes, from Grade 3 Math to high school U.S. History, students can feel that powerful sense of progress that encourages them to redouble their efforts and invest even further in their own learning.

Begin by opening DynaNotes Plus. Use your school's username and password to login and download the student-friendly DynaNotes course notes that correspond to the codes. Now your iPad is ready for student use.

Students begin with DynaNotes comprehensive coverage of state standards organized for each subject by category and section: key concepts, vocabulary, equations, skills, and examples, designed using well-researched features.

Students then add their own notes and reminders to each section using text (type or copy/paste) or pictures (iPad camera) -- great for recording teachers' exemplars, calculations, hand-written notes, diagrams, corrected work, lab experiments, etc. Using these features, students can create a complete photo journal or portfolio of all their work for the school year. Password-protected users create their own sets of section-specific text and photo notes connected to the DynaNotes content.

DynaNotes Plus also features over 1,500 links to helpful third party content, each connected to the section of content to which it is related. Overviews, examples, case studies, primary sources, Project Share resources, and more all are just a click away. Most links can be found in science and social studies subjects plus Algebra I. Teachers can assign these links as parts of lessons, to flip lessons, or for extension.

Teachers and administrators will appreciate reporting functions. Total usage data is available from the User Administration page by clicking on the gear icon. Usage data is reset to zero each August.

Key app features:
• Free TEA reference charts for all applicable math and science subjects
• Free select (first) sections of DynaNotes content within each math, science, social studies, and language arts notes set
• Login to download complete DynaNotes content for each guide*
• DynaNotes student course notes comprehensively cover state standards using well-researched features
• Over 1,500 links are provided in select sections for easy access to additional resources
• Note-taking functions allow students to add and edit their own notes to any section using copy/paste, the keyboard, or the iPad camera
• Keyword search function within each guide
• Multi-user capability for classroom sets of iPads

*Note: You must be a customer of DynaStudy, Inc. in order to login.

Available guides:
• Math: Grades 3 to 8, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II
• Science: Grade 5, Grade 8, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
• Social Studies: Grade 8, World Geography, World History, U.S. History
• ELA: Grades 3 to 8 Reading, Grades 4 and 7 Writing, English I, English II
• Spanish: Grades 3 and 4 Math, Grades 3 and 4 Reading