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Café­ Games is a suite of board games that can be enjoyed together with a friend, your family, or why not a stranger?

Café Games was designed to let you play classic games with ease at a café, on a trip or on your own couch. We think that the iPad can be an excellent game board for this, providing a modern, sleek way to play without the hassles of small game pieces getting lost or a cardboard box that keeps falling apart.

The suite consists of three pair games and one solo game. The pair games are Backgammon, Four and Hex, the single player one is Peg. All of these are based on traditional board games played in many cultures in their classical forms. Backgammon is also called Ifranjiah, in Arabic, or Shuang Lu in Chinese. Four is sometimes referred to as Four-in-a-Line. Hex is probably the most consistently named game in the collection while Peg commonly is referred to as Peg, Peg-Solitaire or simply Solitaire.

The original board game rules have all been retained, to give you an authentic board game experience, but playing on a computerized board is still different from playing on a physical one. In Cafe Games we let the graphical expression reflect the electronic nature of the iPad by borrowing aesthetic references from the early era of computer games. We have also added some interactive help from the board but tried not to intrude too much in your game as we believe this is important. In Cafe Games it is not possible to cheat but the games are still played by you and there are possibilities to turn off some of the games’ help features and controls. To avoid slips, the games allow the player to retract accidental moves - of course something that the players themselves can decide to allow or not.