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The eXdata application is designed to provide a simple explosive safety related resource for explosive engineering professionals and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) operators. It is intended to provide them with a portable data resource and explosive safety ‘ready reckoner’.

The eXdata application includes:

•A database of over 640 explosive types, including former Warsaw Pact military explosives encountered during humanitarian EOD clearance operations globally. Manufacturers names for commercial explosives are also included.

•A range of open source data for each explosive type, including Composition Formulae, Density, Velocity of Detonation, Detonation Pressure, TNT Equivalence and Melting Points where available. (Melt out and steam out indicators for common military explosives are also included).

•A calculator for Peak Incident Pressure, Incident Impulse, Peak Reflected Pressure, Reflected Impulse, Shock Front Velocity, Arrival Time and Positive Phase Duration based on change size and distance. The result is referenced against threshold values for injuries to personnel with a simple GREEN/RED Go/No Go system used.

•An estimator for Detonation Pressures. (Useful information for EOD Operators to determine whether that commercially available explosive is ‘man enough’ for the task.

•An estimator for Explosion Danger Areas to determine fragmentation hazard areas for multi-item logistic disposal.

•An estimator for appropriate distances with reference to Acoustic Levels (@140 dB(C) – the UK limit) from a blast source.

•A choice of SI, Imperial (UK) or Imperial (US) units.

All formulae used are those contained within the International Ammunition Technical Guidelines (IATG).

It is intended that there will be regular updates to the database of explosive types, particularly in the field of commercial explosives.