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Finding Andy - Toddlers Learn How Mouse Parents Could Miss Their Child - Free EduGame under Early Concept Program

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A small mouse family leads a happy life in their tiny house located under the bed of a young and friendly girl Lucy. Then one day, their son Andy doesn't show up for supper. Together with Lucy, we help the worried parents to find their missing son.

‘Finding Andy’ is an interactive game with a plot of a story. The kid actively takes part in the story by searching for the mouse along with the characters. This way, the kid becomes one of the characters and therefore is given a very responsible task to complete – to find the little mouse. The story contains a whole range of emotions: from sadness and concern at the beginning, through hope and uncertainty, up to relief, tears of joy and an outburst of love.

Children aged 2-4 develop simultaneously in four different dimensions: analytical, creative, social-emotional and practical. Application ‘Finding Andy’ helps children to develop in all of those dimension, with the emphasis on the social-emotional and analytical aspects of child development. ‘Finding Andy’ helps small kids to learn how to go through various emotions and to understand what empathy is. It is advisable that parents play with children and explain to them how the characters feel at a given moment. The game also aims at improving the smartness and quickness of thought of your beloved child.

Apart from educational and moral value, the game has other highlights. It has wonderful images with colorful interactive characters. There are also numerous items which can be moved and which make sounds. Moreover, the story contains nursery rhymes and dialogs, which can be read by a narrator.

This amazing game is addressed to children aged 2-4. Girls will especially love it, since they can identify with the main character Lucy. Don’t let your kid wait any longer and play the game now!

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On Early Concept Program:

We hope the Early Concept Program to be the first choice for parents or caregivers interested in having mobile technology to play important role in the education of their toddlers. It aims at children aged 1 to 3 and does expect grown-ups to participate in the gameplay. It consists of simplified apps that are great starting points in the journey in mobile education. It is free to start but we hope to show that there is a great potential which could be utilized in that medium. So please try it and please share your experience with us. You are more than welcome to shape our products for the smallest!