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Animals Help

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This is an innovative collection of interactive environments, designed to teach your kids perform positive and constructive actions. Your kids can play with animals and learn to help others. Kids will love to play with beautiful animals in amazing sceneries. Very suitable for preschool children.

Ants are having difficulty in reaching to their food. The kid can help them by placing a pencil bridge to cross the water.

Beautiful butterflies are flying here and there. Touch any flower to guide the butterfly towards it.

A hungry cat is wandering here and there. Help her by filling an empty bowl with milk from the bottle.

A boatman can throw food for the ducks. Can you try?

Beautiful elephant is waiting for sugarcanes... Can anyone help?

A man is trying to cross a jungle. But its too dark. The kindhearted kid can help him by just tapping and lightening through fireflies.

Giraffe is hungry but there is no leaf left on the trees. Rain can bring delicious leaves again on the tree. Now you can touch the cloud and make it happen!

An old man has to cross a long way to reach his home and is having difficulty while walking. The kid can tap on the horse so that it can come out to help the old man.

Iguana is creeping on a branch of tree and is waiting for something to eat. There are a lot of bunches of grapes. Help iguana by putting a grape in its mouth.

Jellyfishes are moving in a beautiful underwater scenery, but there is a herb creating a hurdle. Can you remove that hurdle?

Kangaroos are crossing the bridge and suddenly it breaks. The kid can rebuild the bridge by adding missing slabs on it.

The time has come when a kid can help the lion too. Lion wants to cross a mountain. Just tap the screen and make the lion jump to cross that mountain.

A monkey is swinging with a branch of tree. The kid can pick up bananas and throw towards that monkey.

A nightingale has returned to its nest to feed its babies. Just select the baby to put food to its mouth.

Ostrich is waiting to drink water but a large fence is blocking him. Can you tell him to jump and drink water?

Kid can select any apple for a beautiful parrot and it will fly to eat that lovely fruit.

A thirsty quail is sitting on the top of a narrow jug but water level is too low. Put some pebbles in the water to raise the water level and help the quail.

A rabbit is in waiting for the kid to have some nice carrots and thank the kid for his help.

Have you ever fed a sheep by your hands? Your kid can now at least do so.

Tortoises are crossing a steep mountain. Some of them fell from mountain and are lying on the ground upside down. Kid can easily help them to stand on their feet.

Your kid can choose the grass and guide the urial towards it.

A hungry vole is in its shallow burrows but unable to find any food. The kid can help it by placing some fruit so that vole can come out of its burrows and eat the fruit.

Woodpecker is out in the snowfall... And its really cold outside. Your caring kid can help the woodpecker to make a nest by creating hole in the tree trunk.

X-ray fish is swimming in the water and there is no one to feed it. The kid can feed it by putting food in the water.

A man has to cross a stream but doesn't know swimming. Can you help him to reach his destination through a nice yak?

A zebra is walking in a meadow but there is no fresh grass to eat. The kid can help it by placing some fresh grass on the ground.