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Hayward Energy Solutions

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Hayward's Energy Solutions products are the perfect cost-savings solution when it comes to replacing your pool pad's older equipment. Hayward Pool Products strives to develop products that are not only environmentally friendly but also benefit pool owners in terms of ease-of-operation while providing energy savings.

Hayward's easy-to-use Energy Calculator computes your estimated savings by switching to the EcoStar® family of variable speed pool pumps. Additionally, the Energy Solutions Calculator will show you how much more you can save by switching to a Hayward energy-efficient filter, cleaner, heater or heat pump, control or lighting product.

You start by choosing the options that best represent your pool and current single-speed pool pump. The questions include: the state you live in, the horsepower of your current pump, how long you need to run it each day, the rate that you currently pay for electricity (in dollars per kilowatt-hours), the size of your pool in gallons, and the length of your pool season. Using this information, the app will show you how much you can save in energy costs by switching to Hayward's EcoStar variable speed pump. A simulation of the pumps actual control panel then lets you see your savings when operating the pump at different speeds (for instance when a higher speed is needed to power your pool cleaner).

Hayward offers an entire suite of Energy Solutions products. Once you have learned about your potential savings by switching to EcoStar, the app will gather information about the cleaner, heating system, controls, lighting and filter that you currently have for your pool. Using this information, the app will illustrate how other Hayward Energy Solutions products can help you save money.